Wade Hilton

Wade Hilton was born in Jamaica, but grew up in Baltimore, Maryland. He was schooled at Loyola College where he actually began to write, and for fun. He has since then written a series of eleven books, out of joy, as he likes to put it, because it wasn’t until 1985 that he managed to publish his first book Success For All. It was then that Hilton, influenced by Napoleon Hill, started preaching the law of success through a positive mental attitude, plain to see throughout all his books, especially Goddess of the Arawaks. There is one thinking stuff that permeates the universe and it’s working through us, using us to express its power to create. We are all tied to it and should thrive to let every human being become aware of the joys and good things it wants for us—all of us. Hilton believes that books are the best way to accomplish this, and has since then been promoting reading. Everybody must read at least ten books a year.

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